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Funny coincidence. Legs T.V. ad

Today I was looking around the Facebook page and I found this cute ad from, that I found kind of appropriate. Check it out! comes on board as a sponsor. RacingIt’s been a busy off season for the Road II Rock team this year, Brian and I were running around trying to secure sponsorship for the upcoming season so that our guys could concentrate on racing and not have to worry about the teams financial well being. We started looking for sponsors right after the provincial road race championships. We started calling all the usual sources of sponsorship, our places of employment, friends with companies and cold calling companies we thought might be interested in supporting our team. One of those phone calls went out to  job site to see if they could send us a few bucks to help out this year. We were very surprised to hear back from them a few day later asking what it would take to be the sole sponsor of the team. Brian and I jumped out of our seats when we received Monster’s reply. Monster offered us a level of support that our past sponsors as awesome as they were just couldn’t. So it gives us great pleasure to announce as our one and only title sponsor, we are still working on a bike sponsor and as soon as that deal is concluded we’ll let you know.

I also wanted to mention that we have had some personel changes among our team members. Patrick Russell made the decision to move to another team for next season, we are sorry to see him go not only as a team sponsor but as a team mate and friend. The entire team wishes him luck and success with his new squad.  But Pat’s departure wasn’t the only personel change to take place over the winter, Steve Hoather who brings a fierce TT competitor to the team as well as a strong road racer. Steve is new to the sport of cycling but has been in the fitness industry for many, many years, his level of fitness is inspiring. I would also like to welcome Sebastien Rheault who joined us last year but was kept on the side lines last year due to injury. This year Sebastien will be participating in both mountain bike races and road races. He will be a much needed addition to the mountain bike squad giving Sonia someone to ride with and go for a beer with after MTB races.

That’s about it for this mid winter update, as soon as we have more news about the team and sponsors someone will write up a post to keep you informed. Have a great winter and train hard.