Greatest Training tool ever!

Training PeaksAs most of my friends and teammates know I train with the best cycling coach in Montreal. Last january Scott stopped sending me my program via email on excel spreadsheet and moved us onto a web-based training tool called Training Peaks, for the better par tof a year all I did was login to see my workout, without using any of the advanced features available. This week I not only started uploading workout files from my Polar and Computrainer to help keep track of my progression, I also started using the meal diary function. This function allows you to keep track of what you eat and how many calories you take in on any given day. Training Peaks also has an extensive data base of foods available so you can get started right away.Training Log

Training peaks also offers ready to use turnkey programs for various sports such as running, cycling and swimming, these plans are put together by todays leading authorities in endurance sports and are affordably priced. Another way of getting a workout schedule together with little or no investment, would be to have a create you workout schedule for you and keep track of it with training peaks.

I find the only way to keep on top of my training when it get super busy at work is to have a schedule I can follow, if I know I have a work out planned tonight and I get a reminder via email from training peaks at 5:00 PM I’m more likely to get on the bike and do my work out. I don’t know about you but I need every minute on the bike that I can get, it’s my escape from the outside world.

Try Training Peaks and Free Training Plan, you wont regret it I promise.

Free Training Plan

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  1. Hi JF,

    I’ve been using the training peaks to track my diet too. Another website I find use in calculating the nutritional values of various recipes I make is:


  2. J.F.

    Great find Rod! I’m definitely going to use this site to help figure out how many calories my favorite recipes. Thanks for sharing it.

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