Ile Bizard 10k run

David May Ile Bizard fun runA few days ago I wrote a blog post about how  all of team members used running, skiing, snow shoeing even climbing stairs to get off the indoor trainer and some fresh air while still training. David May took part in a run that took place last weekend on ile Bizard with Martin Goineau from the Cabosse d’Or team. I’m not a runner since every time I go for a run some random part of my body hurts and it sometimes keep me off the bike for a few days and that’s something that can’t happen at this time of the year. From what I’m told by Michel Brazeau who takes part in duathlons during the summer, in fact I believe Michel has been provincial and national duathlon champion in the past. Michel says that Dave put in a good time of 42 min, his time was good enough that Michel is trying to talk him into doing a duathlon this summer. Great job Dave, let’s hope spring comes early so you don’t have to run much longer ;-)

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  1. Bravo David! Et le manteau Monster te va super bien! ;-)


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