comes on board as a sponsor. RacingIt’s been a busy off season for the Road II Rock team this year, Brian and I were running around trying to secure sponsorship for the upcoming season so that our guys could concentrate on racing and not have to worry about the teams financial well being. We started looking for sponsors right after the provincial road race championships. We started calling all the usual sources of sponsorship, our places of employment, friends with companies and cold calling companies we thought might be interested in supporting our team. One of those phone calls went out to  job site to see if they could send us a few bucks to help out this year. We were very surprised to hear back from them a few day later asking what it would take to be the sole sponsor of the team. Brian and I jumped out of our seats when we received Monster’s reply. Monster offered us a level of support that our past sponsors as awesome as they were just couldn’t. So it gives us great pleasure to announce as our one and only title sponsor, we are still working on a bike sponsor and as soon as that deal is concluded we’ll let you know.

I also wanted to mention that we have had some personel changes among our team members. Patrick Russell made the decision to move to another team for next season, we are sorry to see him go not only as a team sponsor but as a team mate and friend. The entire team wishes him luck and success with his new squad.  But Pat’s departure wasn’t the only personel change to take place over the winter, Steve Hoather who brings a fierce TT competitor to the team as well as a strong road racer. Steve is new to the sport of cycling but has been in the fitness industry for many, many years, his level of fitness is inspiring. I would also like to welcome Sebastien Rheault who joined us last year but was kept on the side lines last year due to injury. This year Sebastien will be participating in both mountain bike races and road races. He will be a much needed addition to the mountain bike squad giving Sonia someone to ride with and go for a beer with after MTB races.

That’s about it for this mid winter update, as soon as we have more news about the team and sponsors someone will write up a post to keep you informed. Have a great winter and train hard.

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  1. Happy trails, friends!
    When do you make time to train? After work or first thing in the morning before work?
    How and when do you squeeze fitness into your lives?

  2. Hey Lisa,

    Balancing life, work, family and training is not easy. In the winter most of the guys train at night, either right after work or in my case, after the munchins’ go to bed. One of the team members, who works at Pfizer, gets into work early and trains in the gym. Once the weather breaks, some of the guys ride to work. Round trip for me is 70km. I try to ride in a couple of times a week.

    Most people think you need to spend hours in the gym. In 30 minutes a couple of times a week, most can get a good workout.

    Do you train?

    Director Sportif

  3. Hey Lisa,

    I don’t want to disagree with Brian but, 30 minutes a couple of time a week isn’t enough, it might maintain what you have for a little while but eventually you have to put in the work. Most of us ride 4-6 days a week and that doesn’t include gym workouts, cross training, skiing and running stairs. For example Hugo rides the rollers 5-6 times a week and like Brian said he rides in to Downtown from Otterburn Park everyday in the summer. Rod and I ride in his bassement at least twice a week, Vanesse (Rod’s Wife) also rides with us and races for the Rockland M.D. team. So to say that 30 min twice a week will get you there might be an understatement, for most of us it’s like a part time job. I have no kids, so I can afford to spend more time training and I do spend almost 12 hrs a week in the winter and 20-25 hrs a week in the summer training and racing. It’s a huge commitment and it’s not for everyone but if cycling is a passion nothing beats a saturday morning ride with friends and team mates or the feeling you get when you pull up to the line on race day. I hope this gives you a idea of what we do to be ready for the first race April 23rd. Brian you keep up the 30 min twice a week and we’ll see you for sprint training North Carolina style, remember I don’t have to be faster then the dog I just have to be faster then you hehehe.

  4. I’m looking forward to showing off a little – the new clothing and sponsor if nothing else.


  5. Hi Lisa,
    As a father of 2 boys, 13 and 10, and husband of a senior 1 category racing OCD wife, my training time has to be fit in where possible, and any excuses can mean not getting a workout in for 48 hours which is not going to cut it for me to see some good results this summer in the races. I’m a personal trainer so my days are spent watching people exercise, not doing it! Last Friday I had clients straight from 630 am to 130 pm, jumped on the indoor bike at 140 and rode a hilly course at a personal best power output for 37 min after a 10 min warmup, I got off the bike drenched in sweat and put on a track suit and went to pick up my son at school 5 min away, he got in the car and didn’t even comment on my face running with sweat and damp hair because he’s seen it many times! If I don’t use these small blocks of time I won’t be at the level I want. I also take the boys to the local boxing gym for 2 hours on Saturday morning for an endurance workout that we all do together. I’m new to cycling but have made a lifetime habit of working out whenever I can, the fact that I can now race against people adds a certain urgency to the training which is essential in order to get these type of workouts fit into a very busy life.

  6. Merci beaucoup les boys! Ça me motive encore plus à me lever à 5h00 du matin pour m’entraîner!

    Sonia :-)

  7. J.F.

    Sonia Tessier:

    Merci beaucoup les boys! Ça me motive encore plus à me lever à 5h00 du matin pour m’entraîner!

    Sonia :-)

    Sonia why do you get up at 5:00 A.M. to get your workout in?
    Tell us about how you get your workout in with your family life?

  8. OK and I’m even going to try to say it in English!

    Hello Lisa and thank you for your interest to us these bizarre creatures!

    I am 37 years old, I inspect bridges for the Ministère des Transports, I have two 5 and 6-year-old boy and my spouse is at home only at the week-end because he works outside of the city during the week.

    I get up at 4:50 am in the morning to be on my bike at 5:00 am and I train between 1h00-1h15

    I do not work on Fridays (conciliation work / family ;-) ) I can thus make a longer training.

    The week-end my spouse spends time with the children while I train.

    I’m racing in mountain bike since 17 years and even having had children the passion is not disappeared. I need training and especially I need racing.

    I would never have thought I could be a member of a team while being a mother and also to have one so good sponsor like ;-)


  9. And I have to add that my children know that they have to go directly to the laundry basket to get dressed and sometimes even directly in the dryer!

    Good night!

    Sonia :-)

  10. Like JF I don’t have kids so I don’t have the same level of family commitments that many of my teammate have. To tell you the truth I’m not sure how some of the guys manage it all. I find it difficult enough to balance work, social commitments and the other facts of life.

    I have a busy work schedule and am often at the office until 7 pm and getting on to the trainer in the basement after a long day at the office can sure be difficult. However, after a number of years racing I’ve learned that consistency is key if you want to have good form for the summer so you’ve got to stay mentally tough throughout the winter months.

    Although it doesn’t feel like it when you look outside Spring is near by and we’re getting more hours of sunlight with each passing day so in no time at all we will be riding outside and standing at the starting line of the first race of the season. So now is the time to make fitness a priority and make sure that you don’t miss workouts.


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