Robert Brisson Race Report June 3

The boys of RIIR lined up for the 3rd race in Mercier in a damp spitting rain on the 3rd of June. Pat Russell in the leader’s jersey led the group out on the damp course. Due to the sprinting primes on the 1st lap, the pace was fast and furious with cycling computers hitting the high 50’s! The Cat 1 kids soon took off and launched the first break of the day. After hanging the Cat 1’s out for a bit the group decided to chase and within in a couple of minutes the group was back together. The next to go was the yellow jersey with a couple of riders. The RIIR team covered well and the escape was brief. The group stayed together for the 3rd sprint of the day with Pat Russell placing in the top 10. The group kept the pace fast after the sprint and the yellow jersey was again attacking with about 5 to 7 riders. Placement was as follows: the escape group, Pat Russell and David May a short distance behind and then the main field. With the escape gaining time the RIIR boys attached hard and rejoined the escape group a short time later. The 4th lap saw the yellow jersey attacking again with the RIIR boys covering well. In the final lap the yellow jersey attacked once again. With 5km to go the escape group of 7 had 45 seconds on the main field. The order was made to go and catch the group so the RIIR boys got on the front of the main field and reeled in the break about 2 km from the finish. With the break reeled in, the group came in together with no one being able to make a clear break. Pat Russell placed in the top 15 and thus keeps the leaders jersey for another week. What a race!

Brian Seltmann

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