Sunset Series au Camp Fortune

The Rock part of Road to Rock always does well, Sonia Tessier has been on the podium at every race she enters. So it goes without saying that not only is she the workhorse on the team but also the star rider. Sonia now has help in Sebastien Rheault. Sebastien is coming back from a major injury that left him with some heavy metal in his ankle. But I think the results of his first race back speak for themselves. Here are a few pictures of the race. Way to go Sonia and Seb.

Maitres 30+ Sport – Hommes
Rang Numero     Nom                 Temps       Points
1      149          Frederic Simard    55:32.00    100
2      150          Sebastien Rheault 59:46.00     92
3      127          Denis Menard    1:00:09.00     92

Maitres 30+ Expert – Femmes
Rang Numero Nom              Temps     Points
1       159       Tanya Hanham 56:31.00   100
2       162       Sonia Tessier   56:59.00    99

Sonia Tessier and Sebastien Rheault

Sebastien Rheault

Sebastien Rheault Race Finish

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