Winter Training!

Most of us ride indoors at this time of year, we all seem to have some kind of trainer wether it’s a Tacx or a computrainer,Winter Training! we all do some kind of indoor training. Most of us ride in our basements or garages as not to disturb the kids while they sleep late in the evening. Some, like myself are lucky enough to have a friends bassement and a gym space where I can ride with friends, keeping me from quitting early or just not doing a workout for fear of spending one more minute in the bowels of their homes. That being said I know that some of our racers like Alex Odulinski have setup a training area in the gym provided by their work place to help them keep motivated in this the darkest season for cyclists.

But when we just can’t spend another minute sitting on a fixed bike which feels lifeless in it’s trainer prison, most of us go for a run or cross country skiing, for a little cross training. I think cross training is not only for physical benefits but the phycological relief that sun and fresh air bring to the weary cyclist.effects of training in the basement I like to go cross country skiing 2hrs spent on the trails feels like a mid-summer ride, Martin Goineau form the Cabosse d’Or team likes to go for a run daily he runs 13 km no matter what the weather is. David May from our team on the other hand breaks out the old bike and goes for a ride whenever, even if it’s cold and snowy. Ok maybe he doesn’t ride his road bike but 35-40 km riding around Mont Rigau, on a mountain bike is an awesome workout and a great way to keep from going crazy in your basement. If you have an old mountain bike don’t be afraid to break it out, dress warm and go for a ride in the middle of February, you’ll find that the benefits the farther then just the fitness gains you might experience, GO OUTSIDE it’s good for you, in more ways then you think.

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